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Experience Matters In Drug Offense Cases

Drug crime convictions carry harsh penalties. You do not want to find yourself without legal representation when charged with a drug offense. At Nicholas W. Karas & Associates, LLC, in Palos Heights, Illinois, we care about you and your future. We will aggressively defend your rights and explore all options to find the best outcome in your case.

Nicholas Karas is a former prosecutor. He worked several years in the Cook County narcotics division. His experience handling narcotics cases as a prosecutor gives him an advantage in your defense case. He knows the specific issues involved in these cases and how to create a strong defense.

Type Of Drug Charge Depends On Several Factors

Drug charges, whether state or federal, can result in significant penalties including long prison terms and significant fines. In Chicago, the severity of a drug charge will depend on factors such as the amount of the narcotics involved, your criminal background or other circumstances such as the involvement of weapons or the proximity to a school or church.

We defend clients against all drug charges, including:

  • Drug manufacturing
  • Falsifying prescriptions
  • Possession
  • Possession with intent to sell
  • Conspiracy to sell drugs
  • Manufacture and delivery

You Face Serious Penalties For A Conviction

A misdemeanor drug charge that results in a conviction, even something such as possession of marijuana charge, will show up on any employer background check for as long as it is on your criminal record. Felony drug convictions can affect your ability to become a citizen or obtain credit.

You may be eligible for a deferred program for certain drug offenses. These programs may lead to a dismissal. However, every case is unique and needs to be carefully evaluated by an experienced lawyer before any final decisions are made in your case.

Your future is at stake. We will investigate every aspect of your arrest to insure the police properly followed procedures and will capitalize on any violation of your rights. Some of the issues we look for include a bad traffic stop, illegal search of the suspect or your home, tainted evidence or improper Miranda warning to name a few.

Don’t Wait. Take Action Now To Protect Your Future.

Our attention to detail helps us understand all potential factors in your case. We know how prosecutors think because our founding attorney used to be a prosecutor in Cook County.

If you have been charged with a drug offense, get help now. Call our law firm at 800-243-1275 or contact us online to schedule your free consultation to start discussing your case. Do not wait a second longer because it’s your future and your reputation on the line.

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