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Combating Overweight Trucking Tickets

Commercial drivers that deal with transporting heavy freight are responsible for compliance with industry weight regulations. When a truck is found to be overweight, the driver could end up with citations that lead to steep fines or license suspension.

The attorneys at Nicholas W. Karas & Associates, LLC, in Palos Heights, understand how serious this can be for commercial truck drivers, as their professional lives are contingent on up-to-date and valid commercial driver’s licenses (CDLs).

Our goal is help protect drivers from the immediate expense of overweight trucking tickets, as well as the collateral consequences of license suspensions. If you need help with criminal defense and traffic violation issues in Illinois, contact us. Our legal team is here to help.

The Reality Behind Commercial Truck Driver Traffic Violations

Many traffic violation lawyers only have experience with common citations for regular passenger vehicle drivers, such as speeding tickets or reckless driving. Few have the industry knowledge necessary to get results in Illinois commercial truck driving citations.

Attorney Karas can investigate and bring to light the source of weight violations. For example, if your truck was improperly loaded, it may have put excess pressure on the truck’s axles. In many cases, trucking violations are simple errors in procedures like these. They do not often represent pervasive and prevalent noncompliance. You should not have to face long-term repercussions to your employability, your income and your financial stability because of a simple error in judgment.

As a former prosecutor, Karas knows how to navigate criminal defense cases from every angle. He can work to negotiate a case for minimizing or eliminating fines, as well as license reinstatement.

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