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Family Legal Issues Are Not Uncommon

While your present circumstances and family legal issues can be disheartening, it is important to remember that you are not alone. Every year thousands of married couples across Illinois and the U.S. make the difficult choice to separate or divorce.

Although the decision to end your marriage is not always amicable or easy, what can make a difference is whom you work with. At Nicholas W. Karas & Associates, LLC, our attorneys can protect your interests during life’s toughest moments.

Get The Divorce Help You Need

Whether you or your spouse are initiating the divorce, or you both mutually agreed to it, having your own representation is crucial.

As your counsel, we can help you with the following and more:

  • Navigating the dissolution process
  • Figuring out child custody and visitation
  • Negotiating child support and alimony
  • Dividing your assets, properties and debts
  • Obtaining a restraining order against an abusive spouse

Divorce can have an impact not only on you and your spouse, but your children as well. For this reason, you need a lawyer who can help you look past your emotions to do what is best for your kids.

Finding A Path Forward For Families Like Yours

With our compassionate attorneys available to offer support and guidance, you do not have to struggle. Together we can find a path forward that works for you and your loved ones.

To take advantage of our family law services or for help with other legal matters such as a serious personal injury or criminal charges, call today. Conveniently located in Palos Heights, you can reach us at 800-243-1275 or via email for a free consultation. Spanish translators are available by request.

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